Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sensual Scarlet

Sensual Scarlet: A Vampire’s Story

For my daughter

Yes, I am part-vampire, my daughter, and it seems that I have passed on this heritage to you. When the midwife first put you in my arms I saw the sensual scarlet of your strong lips and I knew it was likely that you too had this blessing and this curse. When your teeth pushed their pointed tips through your small pink gums, almost before you had drawn breath, I knew beyond all possible doubt. You are part-vampire, as I am.
All through the pregnancy I had tried to delude myself that you would take after your father or one of your human grandparents. It would have been so much simpler for you. As it is, your life will be very hard. You will be always holding yourself back, trying to emulate the meekness that men still look for in women. You have in you, quite certainly, all the power and passion that I have, and the lust for a man's blood. These are things which a mortal woman is not permitted to feel.

The full story, 'Sensual Scarlet' was published in Issue Nine of 'Title Goes Here' (print edition), a couple of weeks ago. (Apologies for the delay in posting this!)

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