Saturday, 29 June 2013

Watcha folks,

I'm back. Still a bit unsure about my posts and whether they're going to disappear again, but there's now a copy of my blog on the Fractal website, and I'm aiming to keep duplicates there. I've been having a lazy day today - catching up on reading, and sleeping a fair bit. I went to Oxford, to give a workshop on Thursday and I've been working long hours on the Fractal website, which I've moved to wordpress, as it kept disappearing - usually when I'd just applied for a job and really wanted to impress someone. :D

I've been having a bit of an administrative week altogether actually. I've acquired an author page on goodreads, and have been trying to work out how to add books to my author page (turns out I can't because I've used different names. :() They say they'll be addressing this problem soon, so I hope they do.

I've started a new children's story, about Kitch and Kitcholla, who are rather special characters. I'll post some here when I start typing it. I'm actually getting a very strong urge to try to do illustrations as well. That would be fun... (I just might, if I can work out how. Watch this space. :))

Apart from that I've just been doing restaurant reviews. I went to the Courtfield Arms on the Ross Rd a few days ago. It has a new manager, and she is doing it up, with a lovely sense of style. It's a wonderful spot, looking out over the Wye, so worth a visit.

I must go now. I want to finish a book on forensic techniques before I go to bed. :D

Good night,

Pippa :)

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