Friday, 30 August 2013

Canyon Found Under Greenland Ice Sheet - and thoughts of Robert Peary by Pippa Roberts

Hi everyone,

I have just seen this news from NASA:

It's interesting that we are still mapping the surface of our planet. I have a particular interest in Greenland and the Polar regions, as I am working on plays set in them, and I have just - virtually - finished the OU course, 'The Frozen Planet', as background for these. (just my TMA - (final paper) - still to go). I've read a huge number of books about Robert Peary's journeys in Greenland, and the exploration of this ice sheet. I wonder what he would have thought of this news? He hoped that Greenland would turn out to be a larger landmass which would allow him to trek straight to the Pole, and he even convinced himself that he could see hills in the distance.

There is so much more to this story that I am dying to tell. Look out for the play, which should be finished some time this year.

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