Sunday, 29 July 2012

Shakespeare Plays Inspire a New Script in Poetry (Blank Verse) and I Prepare Proposals for Film Scripts.

Hello everybody!

I'm not sure what to focus on today. As usual everything is very exciting and fun, but that stuff you live off - the hard cash - is taking a long time to come in, even from projects that are long completed. At present I'm putting together three proposals for film scripts... but that's a real shot in the dark. Two different theatre directors have told me that I have a filmic imagination, so I would like to use it. :)

I'm also working on my play in poetry (blank verse). It's a big learning experience, but I'm loving it.

And finally - a publisher has asked to read the novel that I wrote with research chemist, Mark Lorch. It's a small publisher, but they're in the same area that the accompanying play has been touring, so fingers very tight crossed!

I won't write more as I'm pretty tired (as usual after the weekend!) I've been out, walking in the country and sharing meals with friends, and this evening I've watched the film of Henry V, with a neighbour. (I have a perfect excuse to lose myself in Shakespeare now. He's been the love of my life from childhood!... well, along with a few other people.)

Goodnight all,


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