Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pippa Roberts, Cheltenham EFFICIENCY, TIDINESS AND WRITING: Working Fast

Hi everyone,

Another quick update... I've had a wonderful holiday on the Gower. I stayed in Port Eynon and did some of the coastal walk, and tried to swim in the sea. The waves were huge and I was pretty exhausted, so I didn't stay in for too long, but it was really lovely. My mother came to the rescue, lending me money for food. It's rather horrible at my age to have to borrow from my mum, but maybe someone will pay me sometime soon. :/ (Incidentally I noticed that Fractal Publishing's website linked to this, and I should make it quite clear that I own Fractal and none of the problems I've described relate to them! It is confusing for people but there are two strands to my work. I write for other people, publish other people, and never publish my own work.)

I've come back to the end of my spring clean. Every admin paper in my house is being filed on my computer, or the Internet (Google, goodreads etc). It's a lot of hassle, but it will make me more efficient, and that'll make me even faster. I don't believe the myth about creative genius being chaotic. I am extremely organised, although I have to admit that things usually get out of control when I'm working on a big project! :D

People often ask me how I can work so fast, and the answer is very simple. Firstly I spend a huge amount of time reading and thinking before I begin anything. Secondly I (more or less) know where to lay my hands on any research I need.

This system is far from infallible as I have a shocking memory, but, I try...

I'm actually falling asleep on my feet, so I'd better say goodnight to you all. I'm hoping to go to sleep and dream about beautiful sunlit bays, and lovely people who, if they were not friends before, are likely to become friends now! (Thanks to all of you for sharing a brilliant holiday, if you are reading this.)

I think I'll sleep well.

Pippa :)xx

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