Saturday, 1 September 2012



Hi everyone,

I seem to be going through a long period of putting my life (and my house) in order! I've finished sorting all the paper in the house, and put many things onto the computer, but now I'm messing around with my technology. I was having small problems with Internet Explorer and I decided to download Google Chrome. This evening I've been playing around with that, and have connected all sorts of things to it. I invariably come onto the computer to do one thing and end up doing another! I hope I'm going to be more technologically efficient, as a result of all this. :D

I still haven't managed to get my Google + groups going properly, which is a pity because I love the idea of having groups for specific subjects. (Most of mine relate to my research interests, and I'd like to make a lot more.) I hope that Google Chrome will ease my way with that. :/ (?)

My printer cartridge is empty again. I ordered a new one last week but it hasn't got here yet. I've been trying to print things today, without success. I travelled miles to a library to print an invoice... only to find that their printer wasn't working either. :( I hope it'll arrive on Monday and then I can print my whole children's book and give it a final edit.

You see folks, this is the day to day reality of my exotic career! I've been giving you all the downside lately, so next time I will post something I've been writing. Watch this space!

Pippa :)x

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