Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Hi everyone,

I promised to post a piece of something I'm working on, so here it is. This is a script based on a children's book, 'Miz Margenon's Jungle', that I had published as an ebook many years ago. It's a modern fairy tale. Something rather terrible has happened to all the men who live on this estate, but I won't spoil it by telling you too much... (Please excuse the lineation and lack of italics. It's the software).

This is how it starts:


(A one-act play)

Scene 1

Two children, Theresa and Daniel (aged 9 and 6 respectively) are playing in the street. They are shabbily dressed, and have a broken bicycle. A woman (Miz Margenon) is standing in the shadows. As we watch she begins to move towards them.

NARRATOR: Two children play when in she strides
With flashing shoes and snake-like slides.

THERESA: Daniel, look!

DANIEL: Who's that?

THERESA: I've seen her before. I think she's a witch.

DANIEL: I don't believe in witches. Anyway they have black hair and black hats.

THERESA: Shhh! She's coming this way. Look out! (Both children shrink back as

Miz Margenon strides over to them.)

MIZ MARGENON: Ah! Theresa! Daniel! How are you?

DANIEL: (to Theresa) How does she know our names?

THERESA: Shhh! (They look at Miz Margenon in silence)

MIZ MARGENON: What's the matter? Don't you know me?

(She twirls around and her cloak sparkles and her shoes flash in

the light.)

THERESA: (quietly to Daniel) I don't think she's the kind of person we'd

forget, do you?

DANIEL: (Loudly) No, she's really cool! (Shouts to Miz Margenon) What's your


MIZ MARGENON: I'm Miz Margenon. Do I frighten you?

DANIEL: Of course not! I'm not scared of anything!

MIZ MARGENON: (laughs) I think your sister is.

THERESA: I'm not.

MIZ MARGENON: Good. I was going to ask you both if you'd like to come and play in

my garden. There's not much to do here, is there?

DANIEL: Do you have bikes?

MIZ MARGENON: Do you like bikes?

DANIEL: Yes. Mine's broken.

MIZ MARGENON: I can find a bike for you. (Turns to Theresa). Do you want a bike too?

THERESA: No… I mean… we're not allowed to talk to strangers.

MIZ MARGENON: Oh, I'm no stranger. Your mother knows me well. You wouldn't believe

the things we've done together.

Sorry about that formatting. I hope you managed to read it. I'm taking part in the Skylines course with the Royal Exchange Theatre and Theatre centre, London, which is a great learning experience for me. The play I wrote for Hull University, 'Investigation: Haunted House', was for 9-12 year olds and we writers at Cheltenham Writers' Lab will be putting together a play for the same age group. (Not this one. Miz Margenon is my own, but it seemed a good time to revive it. :))

See you all again soon,

Pippa :)

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