Monday, 24 September 2012


Hi everyone,

Time for some more news from me. I am actually doing slightly dull stuff at present and I was ill for most of last week... perhaps a result of too much admin work and not enough writing! It's funny, the only thing I seem to thrive on is writing.

You probably don't want to hear a lot about Fractal here, or you'd be in the Fractal blog, but I'll just say that I have been working with Emma to organise a lot of our past correspondence, and put out advertisements about our books, and adverts about my talks, readings, etc. I'm finally getting the nack of making better blogs (watch this space, it can only get better. :D) Here are the results of that work:

Stacey at The Works did the actual design, and very well too!

I have also been working on my final final final revision of Investigation: Haunted House (novel). I have spent so long on it it's unbelievable, but the problem is that the structure is really not applicable to the content... or do I mean that the content is not really applicable to the form... yes, the second, I think. :D I am still not satisfied, and I should just let it go, as I know I never will be.

The moral of this for me is that I must never think something's a bad idea but I can just run it off quickly to make some money. I'm like a dog with a bone. If there is a way of making it work I will 'sure as hell find it', but if there isn't I'm capable of spending a lifetime trying to achieve the impossible. This does NOT apply to the play of Investigation: Haunted House, by the way. I'm 'pretty damn pleased' with that. (How interesting, my creative daemon seems to be speaking with a cowboy accent, or something, tonight. Perhaps we should be writing about the Wild West? :D)

Oh dear, we writers are so darn wacky. I now have to go and prepare Miz Margenon's Jungle, so that a short extract can be put on on Thursday week in Cheltenham Studio theatre (and by short I mean very short! Three minutes or so.) Being me I'd like to finish the whole thing before then. :D

See you all soon,


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