Friday, 5 October 2012

Skylines Children's Theatre Performance: Blog by Pippa Roberts, Cheltenham Everyman Writers' Lab.

Hello again,

Just a few quick lines to say that I am reliably informed that the short extract from my play, Miz Margenon's Jungle went down well with the children in the Studio Theatre, as did the contributions from all of Cheltenham Everyman's Writers' Lab. :)

I have been through the whole script of Miz Margenon's Jungle now, and am astonished to find that it is not the complete rubbish I thought. I wrote it before I knew the first thing about structuring plays, but with some very minor changes it should be okay, and I was astonished at the raw power in it. (I'm always convinced that everything I've done is rubbish... self confidence not being my strong point.) My worry has always been that it is a play for girls, as it is a modern fairy tale about domestic violence, and there are no male role models. I'm trying to tweak it slightly, without destroying its original force.

Our poor little victims in the Skylines project now have to write down their thoughts about what they have seen, and we writers will be provided with copies. I'm really glad of that, as I was ill and had to go home. I'll let you know what feedback I get. :)

See you all soon,

Pippa x

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