Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Skylines Children's Theatre Writing Feedback. Blog by Pippa Roberts, Cheltenham Everyman Writers' Lab

Hi everyone,

Good news about the extract from Miz Margenon's Jungle. The feedback from the children was resoundingly positive, and they were asking all the questions I wanted them to be asking. Just as well, because I've already gone on and written the rest. :D

For anyone who's missed previous posts this is the link to the Skylines project.

I've emailed Marigold at the Theatre Centre, as she's in charge of schools' productions. I'm hoping she'll be prepared to read it. (Fingers tight crossed!)

In the meanwhile I've been applying for big writing jobs, and small ones, to keep the wolf from the door. I've just written a blog for this outlet:

It''s a UK company and they do lots of personalised gifts. I'm quite tempted to start shopping there now... That's the trouble with me, I'm so good at spending my earnings! :D

I'm waiting to hear about one or two big jobs, writing stories for a number of projects, and, of course, still doing my science degree. I'm finding genetics fascinating, and I know that stories will definitely come out of these studies one day. :)

See you all again soon.

Pippa x

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