Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gloucestershire Arts Perspectives - Effie M Roberts and Skylines Project, Theatre Centre, London.

Hi everyone,

This is just a very quick post, as I have been absent for so long. Firstly to say that Cheltenham Arts Perspectives has posted a file online, with the introduction I wrote for the books by Effie M Roberts, my grandmother. I don't think I can attach a pdf file to this but the link, for anyone who is interested is:


They haven't mentioned that the poems are still in copyright, but they are. (I'm going to have to get them to amend that!

Otherwise I've been working on lots of small projects to bring in the cash, and communicating with people about ideas and problems on a larger scale. Discussions with the Skylines project, resulting from a feedback form I filled in, have been particularly productive, and I really can't praise them enough.

As usual I'm rushing for a bus and have to go, but I'll see you all again soon. :)

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